Mount Kilimanjaro
Wandermouse Films: In Kilimanjaro’s Shadow was sponsored in part by Building Bridges

Workplace giving programs are responsible for about $5 billion in charitable giving each year.

John Piconne, a corporate real estate manager for Samantec from the San Francisco Bay Area, travels internationally and has worked to raise funds for Rotary water projects in addition to a number of other domestic and international Rotary efforts. He volunteers his time as President of Building Bridges and is a member of Rotary International.

Samantec’s employee matching grant program expanded John’s contributions to the creation of the Film “In Kilimanjaro’s Shadow”. This short film project was 3 years in the making and its premiere TV broadcast was on September 28, 2016 at 8pm to 11 million in Northern California on Comcast Home Town Network.

Building Bridges grants funded in part the production of the film by Andrew Piccone – Director, Producer, Editor.

Andrew is from the San Francisco Bay Area. As a cinematographer, his documentary work has been seen on at PBS, Netflix, SXSW and Sundance Film Festivals among others. His directorial debut, Swerve premiered at Slamdance in 2007. He has since directed & produced music videos, commercials, and non-fiction works for Obey, Adidas, Hammer Museum, SF MOMA, Getty Foundation, CBS, Boys & Girls Club, Cartoon Network, and Disney studios. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

In Kilmanjaro’s Shadow chronicles the story of two spirited men from opposite sides of the globe who realized they could make a difference. Walt Schafer and Sidikiel Kimaro met through Rotary International and immediately joined forces attempting to build a sustainable water system that serves schools around Mt. Kilimanjaro, where kids normally must walk miles to scoop unsafe water from puddles or streams. The plan centers around tapping the mountain’s springs, water catchment, and conservation. Walt and Kimaro begin to dream of a day when kids can go to school without thirst, hunger, or beleaguering affects of water-born diseases; when education can be the focus instead of mere survival. Through Walt and Kimaro’s organizing skills, know-how, and pure enthusiasm, they find ways to work with the community, fight through challenges and pit-falls, until the dream is nearly within grasp.