Building Bridges has sponsored many music and arts programs and events since 1996, including those that support music orchestras and bands in the public schools and in our communities. Below we are featuring one of the programs that we support:

Ashkenaz Community Center. Building Bridges has contributed promotional support, a piano, piano maintenance funds and contributed to the organization of dance teachers, performers, students and bands within the Ashkenaz venue since 2008. Featured here is a website of current events sponsored by Building Bridges as part of Swing at Ashkenaz.

Ashkenaz is a nationally recognized nonprofit music and culture venue that specializes in presenting live world and roots music. Ashkenaz brings people of all ages, cultures, and lifestyles together with music and dance programs that include African, Balkan, Brazilian, Cajun/Zydeco, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Reggae, American roots from Bluegrass to Swing, and more. Ashkenaz has been presenting nightly live music, dance, and movement classes, workshops, programs for children, and benefit shows for 43 years.